Manchester UK is one of the best places to lay the foundation for your startup business.

As Silicon Valley is well known as the leader when it comes to the startup world and Asia is also quickly rising, the European market has managed to have a good influence when it comes to delivering successful startups if you think of companies such as Spotify, Skype, Shazam, or Zalando. Which European countries are the best startup places? Great Britain London is the largest player in the European startup world and Manchester is also one of the best cities where startups set up their offices. If you decide to start your startup in London, here you will find the best chances for raising funds and you will also have the advantage of addressing a highly educated audience when it comes to startups and creative ideas. Another advantage of being in Great Britain is you will also be able to set up your business in one of the several shared working spaces and benefit from some of the accelerator programs that are available. Numerous incentives are available in the tax sector and when it comes to obtaining a work visa the criteria is very relaxed. As it is to be expected, there are also a few drawbacks. The production cost is very high not to mention the workforce cost. You will have to use GPB for trading as it is the local currency and the Brexit aftermath adds a bit of uncertainty in the mix. Sweden When you say Sweden you think IKEA, but on the startup map, this country is one huge player waiting to make its next move. Sweden may not lead on the funding side, but it truly is the startup point of some huge former startup unicorns such as Truecaller or Spotify and is beginning to test the FinTech industry with some interesting startups.