Romania is another good place to get your startup business off the ground.

It is typical for a startup to raise funding using crowdfunding websites, based on the popularity of the idea that they want to bring to fruition through their development efforts. Romania With a serious background in IT, Romania is on the startup radar in current years by having many accelerators and incubators for both local and international startup businesses. The startup focus is also backed up by some government incentives and support systems such as tax deductions, fundings, and guidance programs for young professionals. Though Bucharest is the top city in the Romanian startup scene, other cities such as Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, and Timișoara provide opportunities to young entrepreneurs. Smart City, CyberSecurity, Fintech, and Online Payments are some of the top developed sectors. Estonia Estonia has become a startup paradise and has the biggest number of startups per capita and they don't lead only by numbers but by the success of their startups as well. Taxify, Skype, and TransferWise are just a few of the well-known startups that have their base in Estonia. The Estonian success story in the startup world is due to a combination of a highly digitized environment, ease of doing business, startup-oriented community, entrepreneur-friendly tax policies and government laws based on attracting foreign investors. Austria Austria's capital Wien has a well-developed support system for startups in the life science, IT, and media industries. Successful startup founders in this country have begun programs to share their expertise and help young entrepreneurs start their own companies. Finland The Finnish people are very receptive to startups and this is one of the reasons Finland is a country that concentrates on this sort of business by even tracking the monthly progress of the top Finnish Startups. Loans and grants are awarded by the Finnish government to help budding startups. Founders also have access to startup centered events like summits fairs, and conferences.