The location of one's business is vital when mapping a business plan and creating a long-term strategy. It affects the talent-based and financial aspects of a business. Moreover, it determines how or with whom a business can grow. Germany          

Germany is among one of the best places for start up businesses.

                                      Another top country when it comes to startup funding is Germany. In 2017 the country raised more than 500 million Eur for funding tech startups. This combined with the simple procedures of getting an international work visa in Germany are the top reasons that make it a great startup place. Berlin is the top city when talking about startups in Germany, and its infrastructure and cultural diversity are a huge plus for startup founders. Additionally, Berlin breaks the language barrier by having a highly educated English-speaking population. Spain Barcelona and Madrid are also crucial stops on the startup map. With Barcelona being one of the smartest cities on the globe and having numerous successful startups in the mobile, e-commerce, and tech sectors, it is believed that in the near future a big increase in invested capital will be made. Also, Spain has the advantage of an excellent educational system that offers high profile employees and also the enjoyable and affordable lifestyle of its inhabitants. The Netherlands The Netherlands are catching the eye of the VC's by having interesting programs for startups, technical direction, and expertise from peers and early-stage funding from the state. Amsterdam has some of the top ones including Rockstart and Startupbootcamp. France Recently, France has presented itself into the startup world by both having a successful startup project in BlaBlaCar and having some great government incentives that target startups and small companies in the tech sector. Also, Paris is the host of the biggest startup campus and some huge startup hubs.