Blogging will bring more traffic to your website.

Does my website require a lot of content? Does it have to have a blog? How vital is website content and blogging for SEO? These might seem like no-brainers to some people, but many business owners aren’t pros in content marketing. A blog will raise the amount of traffic to your website. Businesses that blog get over 50% more website traffic than those that don’t. Some of your blog traffic will be from existing customers, but a blog is an excellent way to get new customers too. If someone finds one of your blog posts by performing a Google search, you earn yourself a reader who may never have heard of you otherwise. Blogs demonstrate thought authority and leadership. A thoughtful, well-written, and timely updated blog that talks about crucial issues that affect your customers not only shows your readers that you’re a pro in your field, but that you want to use your knowledge to help resolve their issues. A blog can help create trust with your customers. Create your blog as an extension of your customer service efforts by utilizing it as a platform to address common questions or concerns you hear from your followers. When you blog about things that are crucial to your customers, you show you really care about their issues and want to use your knowledge to offer solutions. That makes your readers trust you and folks are more likely to purchase from someone they can trust. Blogs help generate leads. B2B companies that use blogs get over 65% more leads than those that don’t. B2B marketers rated blog posts as the most efficient way of demand generation in the awareness or interest stage of the sales funnel. Once you’ve enticed a prospective customer with an exciting blog post, a special deal or downloadable can get them to offer their contact information and move way down the sales funnel.