Utilize your blog to form relationships with your customers.

Blogs can increase conversions. Regardless of if the desired action is filling out a contact form or signing up for an email newsletter, having a blog is an excellent way to raise conversions on your site. On average, brands that publish over 10 blog posts per month convert over 1,000 new leads per month. A blog will help you keep your customers engaged. Once a person makes a purchase or does the desired action with your business, how do you ensure you remain top-of-mind with that customer in the future? Use your blog to create a relationship with your customers and keep them interested in your brand by providing content like how-tos, case studies, helpful tips, and even business news that delivers insight into your culture and brand. Blogs enhance your SEO. Google penalizes sites for keyword stuffing. There are numerous keywords you can use on your website pages. Your blog, though, delivers unlimited chances to create keyword-rich pages that are also engaging, informative, and helpful to your customers which Google adores. Also, Google rewards your site for long clicks. This is when someone clicks through a search result and stays on the site for a good amount of time. Blogs help improves your social media presence. A swift social post announcing new blog content and offering a link is a good way to link with your social media audience. In fact, interesting content is one of the best reasons folks follow brands on social media. A blog will produce more inbound links to your site. Based on Google, backlinks are one of the best ranking factors. One of the top ways to get backlinks is to craft interesting content on your blog that others will want to link to. Businesses that blog have over 95% more inbound links than those that don’t. That means more folks coming to your site and possibly becoming customers.