Digital marketing involves using many strategies to achieve success.

A digital marketing strategy is a given for any company trying to market itself online, correct? And yet, on the ground, most businesses remain unconvinced. Research shows that nearly half of marketers have digital marketing programs, but no real strategy at all. The other half is divided between those who have a stand-alone digital strategy and those who have combined it into a more general marketing plan. This is the way it should be for more progressive marketers, for whom digital marketing has become a typical business. I’m sure that many of the businesses that don’t have a written strategy are using digital media and getting results. However, with an integrated digital marketing plan, digital media like organic and paid search, retargeting ads and social media marketing work better linked together and can be supported by other activities such as marketing automation or conversion optimization of the website. Here are some reasons why: A written strategy gives you direction and focus Businesses that haven’t written down their approach might have a general sense of what they want to happen online and what their methods are but aren’t likely to have correctly defined some of the vital elements. For instance, they might know that they want to get more visits to their website, but can they state how many? They might want to get more customers, but can they say by what percentage or through which channels? Without precise targets based on creating conversion funnel-based forecasts, it’s difficult to understand exactly what you must do online and later on see how successful you are. Crafting a written strategy forces a business to tackle these critical questions and come up with a powerful online value proposition, carefully defining the target audience, and meticulously considering all the other building blocks for an efficient digital program. Another difficulty with digital marketing is that there are numerous activities you can be working on, that you might spread yourself too thin or disregard key activities. A strategy aids you in focusing on top strategic initiatives.