Whatever your workplace looks like, these are the best laptops to have.

Regardless if you’re working in a coffee shop or in the boardroom, you’ll need a lightweight and reliable laptop to get the work done. A good business laptop should be able to do it all. It should be portable enough to put into a bag to carry on the fly, have a battery that can last a long time without a charge, and have dependable Wi-Fi that won’t die during a critical video call. Some professionals, such as photographers and designers, will want a more formidable laptop that can run demanding video editing software, while those who work in a collaborative environment may need a 2-in-1 laptop they can flip around to show their peers.  You might want to go for a raging fast processor that will help you do work effortlessly while you won't believe the boot times if you pick one with a solid-state drive. A good business laptop should allow you to change any conference room, airplane seat or other space into your own personal office. Keep reading to discover some of the top business laptops that will be ideal for your needs. Best Overall: Dell Latitude 7480 i7-7600U For years, Dell has garnered its reputation for making top-quality laptops for business and personal use. Mobility, reliability, security, and simplicity are all touchstones of the professional side of the Dell brand. The Dell Latitude 7480 continues the custom with the brilliant build quality, a convenient Bluetooth backlit keyboard, and restful ergonomic design.  With a 7th generation Intel Core processor that offers up to 3.9 GHz and Intel Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi for rapid internet surfing, this computer delivers portable speed and power that will take you from meeting to meeting without skipping a beat.  The Dell Latitude has a touch screen that makes operating electronic media like videos, photos, and presentations easy and intuitive. You can be sure your files will remain secure with built-in fingerprint activation so that only authorized users can get into the machine.