You need to find the keyboard the suits your needs.

Between their chief roles in both PC gaming and text input, keyboards have a real impact on our overall computing experience.  Leopold Fc660c Leopold's Fc660c is more portable than other keyboards. The Fc660c benefits from its extra heft and feels like a sturdier board. The keys feel somewhat weightier, anywhere close to 50 grams. The end result is one of the most fulfilling "thock" sounds on a Topre board. Unicomp Classic 104 Remember back in the day when you had to use one of those old IBM Model M keyboards? Well, that’s what the Unicomp Classic 104 appears to imitate. Available in both PS/2 and USB versions, it uses a buckling spring switch that uses some effort to press than just about every other normal switch. You’re gifted for this hard pressing with a tactile response that feels like the standard mechanical keyboards of old, including a noise that will drive everyone around you crazy.  Das Keyboard Prime 13 Some keyboards just have more class than others. The Das Keyboard Prime 13 fits into this category. It features a solid aluminum top panel for added durability and a very minimalistic look. With Cherry's MX Red or Brown switches beneath the keycaps, you're offered a choice between linear and non-linear with a range of actuation points. It's a great choice for media enthusiasts thanks to side-lit media control and the addition of white backlighting is another advantage. It's not the most economical keyboard on the market, but if you want something a little bit more premium, Das is the one to get.